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A Trusted Canadian Immigration Law Firm Since 1991
Top Canada immigration law firm Rosenblatt Immigration Law

About Rosenblatt Immigration Law

Since 1991, David Rosenblatt and his team have helped thousands of people immigrate to Canada. Rosenblatt Immigration Law is a boutique Canadian immigration law firm that provides an exceptionally high level of customer service, professional advice, and diligent representation. You can count on Rosenblatt Immigration Law to create and implement a personalized immigration plan that’s designed to help you solve your immigration issues quickly and help you settle in Canada with minimal stress. Rosenblatt Immigration Law knows how important immigration matters are to you and they deliver exceptional results.

No Wait Guarantee

Your successful immigration is important, which is why we will handle your matter quickly and professionally.

World-Class Team

Our expert team of immigration lawyers and certified consultants are experienced with all visa matters.

Total Client Focus

We carefully develop and execute a personalized strategic immigration plan for you and your family.

“We’re passionate about helping people come to Canada. We are committed to providing the absolute best immigration advice and representation. We are dedicated to helping good people come to Canada, who will in turn help Canada thrive. We love Canada … and we love helping people come to our great country.” — David L. Rosenblatt, BA, JD

Rely on our experience and expertise
Although the immigration rules, regulations, policies and procedures frequently change, we stay up-to-date on the current policies and procedures so we advocate strongly for our clients. We have a wide range of unique and innovative solutions to help you throughout the process and we will continually advise and represent you until your immigration matter is complete.

We take care of everything
We always start the process with each client by having a detailed discussion and identifying all the appropriate immigration options. After getting all of the details, we carefully explain the relevant and current immigration rules, regulations, policies and procedures and make professional recommendations so you can make an informed decision. We also develop a personalized strategic immigration plan and can expertly represent you throughout your immigration process.

Book a confidential consultation with David Rosenblatt
David can provide you with an honest and straightforward eligibility assessment that you can rely on. He will make expert recommendations and devise an appropriate strategic immigration plan that’s right for you. Once you have decided on a plan, David can provide you with an affordable block fee quote with flexible payment terms for representing you step-by-step through the immigration process.

About David Rosenblatt, BA, JD, CS
David became an immigration lawyer in 1991 after graduating from Canada’s prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School. David received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from McGill University, where he graduated with distinction. David is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Canadian Bar Association, The American Bar Association, and The Ontario Bar Association.

David is also an employment expert and enjoys helping new Canadians find employment in Canada. David created, a revolutionary international video resume employment system that enabled Canadian employers to find high-demand job seekers from around the world.

David and a team of lawyers are responsible for winning one of the largest immigration class-action-type cases in Canadian history. David and the team forced the Canadian government to process tens of thousands of cases that the immigration department intended to refuse. David’s client, Mr. Dragan, was the named litigant in the famous case of Dragan v Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration).

David has been frequently featured in Canadian and American media. He has appeared on television to discuss Canadian immigration matters on CBC, CTV, BNN, City TV, Fox News and more. David has been quoted in many Canadian newspapers such as The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, HR Reporter, Toronto Sun, and National Post.

David acts as a corporate director for many Canadian companies and was one of the founding directors for Dundee Bank of Canada until it was acquired by Scotia Bank.

Mark Rosenblatt BA, LLB*
Mark Rosenblatt (David’s brother) is a very well-respected and effective immigration advocate and litigator. Mark frequently appears before the Federal Court, Immigration Refugee Board, Immigration Appeal Division and other tribunals.  Mark is a dedicated advocate and has won some very important precedent-setting Canadian immigration law cases.

Reuben Rosenblatt, QC, LLB, LLM, LSM
Reuben Rosenblatt (father to David and Mark) is one of the most respected and admired lawyers in Canada and has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Law Society Medal.  For the past 40 years, Reuben has been teaching Real Estate Law at Osgoode Hall Law School and has received Osgoode Hall’s Award for Excellence. Reuben is the most senior partner at Minden Gross, a large Toronto law firm, where he mostly handles complex real estate matters.

David Rosenblatt is certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a Specialist in Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Law.  The Certified Specialist Program recognizes lawyers who have met established standards of experience and knowledge requirements, and have maintained exemplary standards of professional practice.

*Although Mark and David work together within the same office, they are separate legal entities.

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