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Visas and PR for International Students
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Canada Immigration and Employment for International Students

Obtaining permanent residence in Canada can be very difficult but our experts will help you achieve this goal with careful planning. We offer a comprehensive VIP Student Immigration and Employment Package for students who want Canadian immigration status. These are customized multi-year service plans so you can get suitable employment and gain permanent residence. While Canada offers over 60 different immigration programs, very few of the 400,000 foreign students in Canada will acquire permanent residence, contact us today for a solution.

I want to thank Rosenblatt Immigration Law for helping me obtain my Permanent Residence. Although I studied in Canada and have an MBA the whole process was much more difficult and complicated then I ever imagined. They spent a great deal of time throughout the process advising and counseling me and ensuring my case was successful. The advice and representation was so valuable and everything was handled professionally and because of the expert help I received my landed immigrant visa right at the interview.

– Johnny Z

Immigration & Employment Consulting Package

We start our process with comprehensive consultations with students and their parents to understand their goals, capabilities, competencies, timelines, etc. Our professionals explain the relevant immigration rules, regulations, policies and procedures. We perform preliminary assessments to identify skill set, personality type, employment aptitude, aptitudes, and much more. After comprehensive discussions, and in agreement with the students and parents, we develop an appropriate customized long-term Strategic Action Plans. We prepare a written legal opinion and develop a set of personalized step-by-step instructions.

Immigration Overview and Comprehensive Consultation

  • Initial in-depth meeting with international student.
  • Initial in-depth meeting with international student parents.
  • Assessment of student’s capabilities, skill set, personality, language skills, etc.
  • Explanation regarding relevant rules, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Determine suitable immigration pathways and identify appropriate federal and provincial program as well as immigration through investment options.
  • Provide preliminary immigration and employment advice and recommendations.

Occupation Selection Consulting

  • Identify the student’s most suitable occupation targets from over 40,000 occupations, taking into consideration many factors including immigration, employability, aptitude, occupation outlook, prevailing wages, competition
  • Develop a viable occupation plan to achieve success
  • Discuss and examine internship options and provide internship advice and recommendations

Formation of Long-term Strategic Action Plan

  • Thorough and comprehensive immigration consultation and analysis
  • Finalize comprehensive professional legal opinion document and written recommendations
  • Prepare a step-by-step “Strategic Immigration Action Plan
  • Identify important immigration deadlines
  • Summarize the relevant immigration rules, regulations, policies, procedures
  • Explain Strategic Immigration Action Plan to parents and student.

Comprehensive Employment and Immigration Services

The Canadian immigration rules often change and students frequently change their course of studies, and we must be prepared to react quickly to mitigate potential problems and accomplish our objectives. We anticipate that there will be changes to the Strategic Immigration and Employment Plan, and with our Comprehensive Service Plan we will be ready and able to revise the action plans to accomplish students’ immigration and employment goals. Below are some of the services we provide with our Comprehensive Service Plan.

Continuous Follow-Ups and Updates

We provide regular status follow-ups and recommend semi-annual immigration consultations so we can advise on current legislative or policy changes, or changes to the student’s strategic immigration, academic or employment plans. If changes occur, as they often do, we will make appropriate recommendations as required and revise the strategic immigration plan accordingly.

Occupation Verification and Testing

We recommend engaging us to arrange numerous personal meetings, seminars and information interviews with knowledgeable professionals in target industries and occupations who explain the job duties and responsibilities in detail and to give expert advice and recommendations. We also highly recommend that we arrange employment compatibility testing to determine employment suitability.


One of the best ways to gain work experience (which leads to paid employment) is through high quality internships. Although some schools may offer internships, we will search out and obtain better and more suitable internship opportunities. We help students develop expertise and a specialty thesis (Capstone Report) in the chosen occupation which will help later with employability.

Employment Training Services

We teach winning strategies to get our job seekers job ready and teach job seekers how to land the right job. We use a revolutionary video resume system to train and promote students effectively and extensively to Canadian employers. We teach interviewing skills to teach job seekers how to land a job.

Employment Services

We help the students identify the most suitable employers and market our students directly to those top employers using our remarkable video resume system. We work until student has a suitable job and help them keep that job.

Immigration Representation

We advise and represent students through the entire immigration process. We complete all the applications, help obtain all supporting documentation and represent students step-by-step through this complex process.

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