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Comments from some of the many people we've helped immigrate to Canada:

David Rosenblatt helped me quickly obtain a work permit so that I could come to Canada and buy a dollar store business. I now own 4 dollar stores and employ more than 25 Canadians. David provided me with excellent immigration and business advice throughout and I highly recommend him.

David Rosenblatt helped me obtain a work permit then permanent residence – as well as helping me open my business in Toronto. David has helped me establish a great life in Canada and I can certainly recommend him to anyone seeking to move to Canada.

I want to thank you, on behalf of my wife and my 10 months old son as well, for our successful interview with Quebec immigration officer. Your representative team in Bucharest office is excellent! We are extremely delighted. We want you to know that we cherish your help and we are very happy with your services as a company.

I appreciate the professionalism of your service in preparing my immigration application. I am truly impressed with your efficiency and friendliness. You provided me with a great deal of valuable information in terms of how the immigration process would proceed – which was especially helpful.

I want to express my deep gratefulness for the work you have done, despite of the relatively short time that was given for your office.

I am happy to inform you that your service is amazing. I was really astonished for the good job done by you in getting the job employment approved in a very short span. Your staff was very co-operative and prompt in her replies and follow-up. I am grateful for the good service done by you.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done for our family. The effort you made to find us a caregiver that would be good for our children was greatly appreciated. Your professionalism yet caring attitude is a combination that is rare and is what makes you a success. As I said before you touch the lives of so many in such a positive way. You should be proud of your contribution in this world. Thank you

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with Alison R. She is extremely kind, love and reliable. She has ingratiated herself into our blended family of 5 children with ease. The children have immediately taken to her, as they instinctively know that she is genuine with her affection and desire to have fun. She is also incredibly hard working, keeping our house neat and clean which is a challenge for anyone. She is simply a joy to work with. Thank you for working to bring Alison to us as the newest member of our family.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that I appreciate all the help that you gave us finding a nanny to care for our son. He absolutely loves her. She is extremely dependable, very creative and has fit right into the community. We have no second thoughts when leaving for work each morning since we know that he is well cared for. Even my parents, who have stayed with us for 2-3 days per week for the past 3 months, have commented on how well she cares for Liam and how much they really love each other. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. This means that we have one less thing to worry about. Keep up the good work

I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for placing Virginia in my home. Virginia is fantastic. She is treating my child as if he were her own. Her work efforts, and personality has made it a pleasure having her join our family. I wanted to thank you personally for finding Virgie for us, she is a real gem and treasure. I gladly look forward to recommending your company to anyone looking for caregivers.

We are writing to you to express our great gratitude and respect for you and your team! We passed the interview process as you had predicted. Procedure was very short and we felt as winners from the beginning till the end. We understood the officer was quite satisfied with our case. During the interview we received from her some very useful advises related to the quick adaptation. We hope to meet you personally and we always wish to be your clients. We realized that you organized for us such an interview preparation just without risk of loss. Once again, thank you very much! You could be proud too of what you have done. We hope to see you soon

I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for every help I got from you and your colleagues. I was deeply impressed by your professionalism, your hard-working attitude, and above all, your high efficiency. To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised that we could get our landing papers so fast. Also, thank you for your help to my friend Ms. Dong, to whom I highly recommended your work. I appreciated it.

We are privileged to write this testimonial in support of Rosenblatt Immigration law who we first met during 1994 to assist us on an immigration matter that was undertaken with enthusiasm and professionally completed to our satisfaction. Since then, Rosenblatt Immigration law, who are experienced immigration experts have helped us on many immigration matters including obtaining permanent residence status for four of our brothers, relatives, friends and their families, many who are now Canadian Citizens. Rosenblatt Immigration law have been our Barristers and Solicitors and Legal Counsel for well over a decade and we can attest to their professionalism and capability which has been demonstrated by their ability to advise and represent us on all our business and personal interests and investments that included the incorporation of our companies, execution of contracts and agreements, real estate, rendering sound advise on all aspects of Canadian laws and other legal matters. It is with great pleasure that we wholeheartedly recommend Rosenblatt Immigration Law as not only an excellent law firm, but also as a reliable and trustworthy immigration law firm that will endeavor to sincerely help achieve their clients’ needs.

I am glad to have chosen your company to help me with my immigration application. …now I got my landing paper. During this whole process, I have got fabulous help and super service … I was hesitating at first which company I was going to choose, since my case was interpreted as not “that” easy by several companies. No matter what kinds of questions and how long my question lists were, my questions were always answered in the most satisfied way. I really can’t imagine how I could walk through this whole extremely complicated process without your great support. Thanks so much.

I want you to know I really appreciated the way you prepare my application, it’s like preparing thesis/case study. It was systematic and organized, very complete.

My family and myself were one of those lucky thousands of families and individuals your firm has helped and we will always be greatful. It’s been a great 5 years now since we arrived in beautiful BC (Vancouver) and are now proud Canadian Citizens.

First of all thank you very much for your help and encouragement. Our close friends also got their landing papers through your help. Their application was approved two years ago without an interview. When they introduced you to us, we were skeptical at first. It was your warmly encouragement made us decide that we should give it a try. During the process of our application, we bothered you with millions of questions. You were always very patient and friendly to us. Especially, your continued encouragement gave me great confidence. I am truly thankful. I feel that my relationship with you is more like friend to friend rather than lawyer to client. I’ll recommend you to my friends. Thank you for everything you’ve done to me. Wish you a happy new year and all the very best!

I got my visa and Work Permit finally, yesterday. Thanks a lot for professional efforts!! Congratulations and thanks again,

I’d like to say thank you to David Rosenblatt and his company for helping me immigrate to Canada and for helping me find a job quickly. When I first came to Canada I couldn’t find a job by myself. After I recorded the video resume I quickly received 3 job offers and starting working soon after…I highly recommend this to anyone. — Kuo Long Tay

Thank you for quickly arranging a work visa for my new employee within just a few weeks. Your advice and representation was excellent.”

I am lucky to be the client of your Firm, due to your qualified and experienced staff and your best “Immigration System” , my immigration case went smoothly and rapidly, thanks you for your kind help.

My husband – Keyvan, My daughter – Newsha & I, are so thankful for all you have done regarding our immigration file. Once more thanks for every thing & wish you luck

I have received my families and my permanent resident visa endorsed in our passports. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts to have my case reach its conclusion. Thank you.

The team at Rosenblatt Immigration law has handled many types of immigration applications for our company and staff. They have always successfully obtain the required visas and they offer the professional advice and reliable representation. I highly recommend them.

Your firm helped my husband and myself immigrate to Canada in 2000. We have settled down, had a baby boy, both got local degree, got jobs and bought a house. We owe you a big thank-you. Our application was initially turned down when our case was interviewed in Hong Kong. We sought your help right away and the case was finally approved within a couple of weeks. We wouldn’t be here without your help. We want to thank you for all the excellent advise and service you provided and God knows what magic you did to overturn that decision. I have been recommending your firm to my friends who inquired about immigration service. Keep up the good work and you will be remembered by many people ‘coz you have made a difference in their lives.

I appreciate the enormous amount of help you extended to me in getting my permanent residence visa. My papers and the preparation we did would have never been better.

When I was a visa student three years ago, prior to graduation and without any job offer, Rosenblatt Immigration Law helped me successfully apply permanent residency within three months. This success was really one of the turning points in my life, it paved road for my future in North America. Afterwards, I have introduced many of my friends to retain the firm for their immigration application, all of them obtained their permanent resident status in a short time. With their rich experience, fast and professional service, low retaining fee, I firmly believe that Rosenblatt Immigration Law is the best immigration law firm you can find. I highly recommend this firm to you. It worked for us, it should work for you.

The professional team at Rosenblatt Immigration Law effectively and efficiently looked after arranging an LMIA and work permit for my mother’s caregiver. They made it easy and stress free for everyone.

David and his exceptional team worked very efficiently on my case achieving a positive outcome as swiftly as possible. As a result I obtained my Canadian permanent residency in 6 months using the express entry system. The whole team was very helpful and supportive along the way. I highly recommend “Rosenblatt immigration law” services to anyone that wants to start a new life in Canada.

“As a mining company we need to import skilled workers. Rosenblatt Associates has helped us bring skilled workers to Canada and handled all the immigration and visa matters. They have processed all our cases very quickly and professionally and I can honestly recommend then to anyone

David Rosenblatt helped me find a great business and then arranged my work permit very quickly. I highly recommend his exceptional services.

This review is written for Rosenblatt Immigration Law. I was referred to the office of David Rosenblatt to assist me with an application to immigrate my husband to Canada. The decision to hire his firm was largely based on their expertise in immigration law, which I previously, had no prior experience with. The family sponsorship application is complex and is very a formidable process. The staff at Rosenblatt Law helped to simplify and clarify this process by outlining the requirements of the sponsorship application. I am happy to report that my husband arrived in Canada in May, 2016. We would like to thank the Rosenblatt team for all your help with our application and your prompt responses to all of our questions and concerns we had throughout this process. We could not have done this without you and your expert services.

Rosenblatt’s innovative WP2PR program is truly ingenious. I was able to buy a business, get a work permit and get Canadian immigration status.

We were introduced and have been assisted by Rosenblatt Immigration at various times in the last 4 years. David and staff are always willing to help and quick to respond. The level of professionalism, commitment, dedication and knowledge of immigration law leaves one in more than safe, capable hands. Thanks for all your help in the past and present.

I started using David’s services almost two decades ago. He was instrumental in my journey to become a Canadian citizen. His knowledge and creative ideas are top notch. In the process, I also ended up with a good friend. Over the years, I continued to work with him for my own corporate needs and for my friends’ immigration issues. I highly recommend him

David was able to solve a very difficult case for me. When I had lost all my hope he was still working to get my PR sorted out . Thank you very much to all the lovely staff that had to deal with my stress in the kindest way.

My Partner and I would love to thank David Rosenblatt and his team of professionals for helping us through the immigration process every step of the way, making for a smooth transition for us to become permanent residents in Canada. Over the past 8+ years he and his team have helped us with everything from Temporary Work Permits, Residency Permits, LMIA audits and more. Every step of the way we felt supported, informed, and protected. Their prompt, informative response to any question we had was much appreciated. Thank you again!

Thanks for all the hard work to get me smoothly “across the border” – my wife and I are now busy learning the rigours of speaking Canadian!

Thank you for all your hard work to make my dreams come true to head to Canada.

Dear Mr. Rosenblatt, I am you former client from 1996 celebrating 10 years in Canada. I would like to Thank you and your colleagues for your excellent professional help during the immigration process and support at our first steps in Canada. Today I am licensed Professional Engineer and Manager at prestigious engineering company, my wife and I have two kids born in Canada. Thank you again!

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