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Visitors can apply for Work Permits within Canada

Come to Canada quickly and fast-track your path to PR
The extension of a public policy allowing visitors inside Canada to apply for work permits from within the country has been extended until February 28, 2025, which is great news for entrepreneurs as it allows them to come to Canada, find or start or business, and apply for a work permit all without having to leave. Not only does this allow you to come to Canada to see how Canada is a good fit for you and your business, but it gives you a better chance at success at the work permit stage and may help you become eligible to apply for permanent residence more quickly.

Visitors can start businesses while on a visitor visa
Visitors can do many things to establish and operate a business in Canada that would not be considered work, such as opening bank accounts, purchasing a business, finding and opening a location, hiring employees and managers, or meeting with potential clients or suppliers.  If a business visitor is not engaging in a business activity that is competing with Canadian workers, then that activity is most likely allowable.

Taking steps to start a business makes a stronger work permit application
Being inside Canada makes it a lot easier to start up a business. In our experience, applicants who have taken steps to start up their business have a better chance of approval for their work permits than those who do very little.  Entrepreneurs can take many steps to improve their case such as create comprehensive business plans, financial projections, obtain agreements with suppliers or clients, create websites, find suitable business locations, execute an offer to lease, make an offer to purchase a business or open a corporate bank account in Canada.

Applying inside Canada has many benefits for applicants
Applying from within Canada for a work permit has many benefits compared to applying from outside Canada. Outside Canada, you have to meet country specific requirements, which are often more onerous than those for inside Canada applications. Furthermore, many of the decisions abroad are made by tough local engaged staff, who are not Canadian, and we believe that you may have a better chance of success with a Canadian officer based in Canada. Lastly, it is possible to remain in Canada while your application is in process, allowing you to continue to start up the business while you wait for a decision.

WP2PR has become even faster
If you are able to come to Canada as a visitor and start up your business before receiving your work permit, your pathway to PR may be even faster. Contact us today to explore this great option and see if it will work for you.

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